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By Church Pulverbatch Parish Council Church Pulverbatch Parish Council

Monday, 29 March 2021


Church Pulverbatch Parish Council Contributor


We Don’t Buy Crime SmartWater Packs

As part of the Parish Council’s drive to protecting our community, we have recently joined forces with West Mercia Police ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ team to provide a free SmartWater kit to each home within our parish.

It is vitally important to display the large square window stickers in a prominent window at the front and rear of your property as the stickers alone act as a huge burglary/theft deterrent.

In a survey* on an evaluation of various home security measures from an offenders perspective, 91% of offenders interviewed stated they were aware of SmartWater and 74% interviewed said they would abandon plans to break in to a building if SmartWater warning labels were on display.

Anything marked can be traced back to your home, allowing the police to identify stolen property and link criminals to crime scenes. Currently the conviction rate is 100%.

Therefore your support with displaying your stickers is really encouraged and appreciated thank you.

If you have not received a kit please email to arrange for a free kit to be delivered.

*101 offenders were interviewed in this survey supported by South Yorkshire Police and various security measures for deterrent were evaluated – SmartWater actually scored highest on this report as the most effective security measure/deterrent.

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